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Environment Counts | Sea level rise accelerating on U.S. East Coast :

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Environment Counts | Study links asthma attacks with shale gas development :

Environment Counts | Southern Ocean warming preceded rising CO2 during the last deglaciation

Environment Counts | Accounting for global and regional warming during the last deglaciation

Environment Counts | CO2 drove, but did not trigger, warming during last deglaciation

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Environment Counts | Climate engineering by tethered stratospheric aerosol injection

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Environment Counts | Antarctic sea-ice may be thicker than previously thought :

sea-ice Published by geoff on 2014-12-05 Recent advances in autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) technology have opened up access to the underside of sea-ice. 3D maps of Antarctic sea-ice have been compiled for ten floes using measurements by an autonomous underwater vehicle in the near-coastal regions of the Weddell, Bellingshausen, and Wilkes Land sectors. Antarctic sea-ice […]

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Environment Counts | Massive collapse of Antarctica ice shelf likely due to surface warming :

Published by geoff on 2014-09-11 In February to March of 2002, the Larsen-B ice shelf in the Antarctica catastrophically collapsed in one season with a loss of 3,250 square km of floating ice. Larsen B had been stable for 12,000 years since the last glacial period. Larsen B ice sheet collapse Source NASA Radiocarbon-constrained chronologies […]

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Environment Counts | Rapid thinning of the Pine Island glacier also occurred 8,000 years ago :

Published by geoff on 2014-02-21 Pine Island Glacier, a major outlet of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, has been undergoing rapid thinning and retreat for the past two decades. Pine Island Glacier This study shows that Pine Island Glacier also experienced rapid thinning of about a meter per year, which is comparable to modern rates, […]

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Environment Counts | Climate engineering by tethered stratospheric aerosol injection

January 24, 2017

Climate engineering by tethered stratospheric aerosol injection Author: Geoff Zeiss – Published At: 2011-10-01 04:49 – (1986 Reads) The Stratospheric Particle Injection for Climate Engineering project is a climate engineering project investigating the feasibility of rapidly counteracting the effect of increasing greenhouse gases by pumping sulphate aerosols into the atmosphere . The rapid increase in […]

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