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Environment Counts | Estimated ice loss for major ice-covered areas of the Earth

Estimated ice loss for major ice-covered areas of the Earth Author: Geoff Zeiss – Published At: 2012-03-06 01:37 – (1189 Reads) Mass loss estimated using GRACE data have previously been published for the Greenland and Antarctica ice sheets. Recently Jacob, Wahr, Pfeffer and Swenson have computed mass balance results from GRACE for every region of […]

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Environment Counts | Polar bears losing weight as sea ice extent declines :

Published by geoff on 2016-04-06 Sea ice is declining over much of the Arctic. In Hudson Bay the ice melts completely each summer and earlier break-ups are resulting in longer ice-free seasons. A new study examined ice trends trends for 1980–2012 in Southern Hudson Bay. Southern Hudson Bay The researchers compiled break-up and freeze-up dates […]

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Environment Counts | Antarctic sea-ice may be thicker than previously thought :

sea-ice Published by geoff on 2014-12-05 Recent advances in autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) technology have opened up access to the underside of sea-ice. 3D maps of Antarctic sea-ice have been compiled for ten floes using measurements by an autonomous underwater vehicle in the near-coastal regions of the Weddell, Bellingshausen, and Wilkes Land sectors. Antarctic sea-ice […]

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