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Environment Counts | Polar bears losing weight as sea ice extent declines :

Published by geoff on 2016-04-06 Sea ice is declining over much of the Arctic. In Hudson Bay the ice melts completely each summer and earlier break-ups are resulting in longer ice-free seasons. A new study examined ice trends trends for 1980–2012 in Southern Hudson Bay. Southern Hudson Bay The researchers compiled break-up and freeze-up dates […]

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Environment Counts | Antarctic sea-ice may be thicker than previously thought :

sea-ice Published by geoff on 2014-12-05 Recent advances in autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) technology have opened up access to the underside of sea-ice. 3D maps of Antarctic sea-ice have been compiled for ten floes using measurements by an autonomous underwater vehicle in the near-coastal regions of the Weddell, Bellingshausen, and Wilkes Land sectors. Antarctic sea-ice […]

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Environment Counts | Massive collapse of Antarctica ice shelf likely due to surface warming :

Published by geoff on 2014-09-11 In February to March of 2002, the Larsen-B ice shelf in the Antarctica catastrophically collapsed in one season with a loss of 3,250 square km of floating ice. Larsen B had been stable for 12,000 years since the last glacial period. Larsen B ice sheet collapse Source NASA Radiocarbon-constrained chronologies […]

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