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Environment Counts | Rapid thinning of the Pine Island glacier also occurred 8,000 years ago :

Published by geoff on 2014-02-21 Pine Island Glacier, a major outlet of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, has been undergoing rapid thinning and retreat for the past two decades. Pine Island Glacier This study shows that Pine Island Glacier also experienced rapid thinning of about a meter per year, which is comparable to modern rates, […]

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Environment Counts | WHO links 23% of global deaths to the environment :

Published by geoff on 2016-03-15 The World Health Organization (WHO) has released statistics linking 23% of global deaths or roughly 12.6 million deaths a year to the environment. Deaths linked to the environment The most common causes of death linked to the environment are stroke, ischaemic heart disease, unintentional injuries (accidents and natural disasters), cancers, […]

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Environment Counts | Change in plankton responsible for rapidly increasing nutrient production in North Pacific since 1850 :

Published by geoff on 2013-12-21 The North Pacific subtropical gyre (NPSG) is a major source of carbon and other nutrients to the deep ocean. Primary production in the NPSG has increased in recent decades due to a shift in the dominant forms of plankton to nitrogen-fixing. As a proxy for nitrogen-supported nutrient production in the […]

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