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Environment Counts | The World’s Lungs

The World’s Lungs Author: Rick Higgins – Published At: 2011-08-14 14:10 – (915 Reads) An outstanding eight-part article which describes the state of forests and the rising threats they face from human exploitation and climate change. The Economist – Part 1 Editor’s comments Forests are indispensable to life on earth as we know it but […]

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Environment Counts | New record low for Arctic sea ice extent Sep 16 2012 :

A source of independent, understandable andevidence-based information and insights on a range ofcurrent environmental matters, assisiting people to maketheir own judgments. We do not advocate particular positions.

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Environment Counts | Evidence for vast quantities of water deep in Earth’s mantle :

fresh water Published by geoff on 2014-03-13 It has been suggested that the Earth’s transition zone, at depths between 410 and 660 kilometres, could be a major repository for water. A transition zone containing significant quantities of water may have a key role in plate tectonics. The types of rocks in this zone which include ringwoodite, […]

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